What Is a Subluxation?

How Come l Have Never Heard of Subluxations?  Maybe you've never heard of subluxations. That's OK. Like the separate notes of a musical chord, a subluxation can simultaneously involve joints, nerves,…

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Different Types of Headaches
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Different Types of Headaches

Headaches are pain that happens in the head and upper neck district of the body. It can influence a little portion of the head, for example, the eyes or temples,…

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Advanced Bio Structrual Correction – ABC™
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Advanced Bio Structrual Correction – ABC™

ABC™ recognises your body’s remarkable ability to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. The focus of ABC is to assist the body in only those areas where it…

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Pinched Nerve Treatment
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Pinched Nerve Treatment

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Two patients this week came in with acute low back pain that was referring to the back of the leg and down the back of the knee to their toes.…

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